The Star-Spangled Banner for Concert Band

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The Star-Spangled Banner

Music by John Stafford Smith
Lyrics by Francis Scott Key
Arranged by Steve Winstead

Grade 2
Duration: 1:30

This majestic and easy-to-play arrangement of The US national anthem features mature harmonies for a bold, contemporary sound. It will be a fresh new opener to any concert or ceremony, suitable for bands of all ages and skill levels.

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Numbers shown in parentheses are the part counts included in the physical set. 
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Full Score (1)
Flute (6)
Oboe (2)
Bassoon (2)
Clarinet in B-Flat 1 (4)
Clarinet in B-Flat 2 (4)
Bass Clarinet (2)
Alto Saxophone (4)
Tenor Saxophone (2)
Baritone Saxophone (2)

Trumpet in B-Flat 1 (4)
Trumpet in B-Flat 2 (4)
Horn in F (4)
Trombone (4)
Bass Clef Baritone (2)
Treble Clef Baritone (2)
Tuba (3)

Mallet Percussion (2)
  • Chimes
  • Glockenspiel

Snare Drum (2)
Bass Drum/Crash Cymbals (2)