Elegy (Clarinet Choir Version)

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for ten-piece clarinet choir

by Steve Winstead

Grade 4
Duration 7:00

Elegy is a sad and beautifully lyrical piece that was written in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11th, 2001. It is dedicated to the victims of the attacks their families and everyone worldwide who experienced suffering and loss that day.

It has also been arranged for concert band by the composer.

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Notes about instrumentation:

All ten parts are required. Larger ensembles can double up, but no parts can be omitted. Instrumentation is scored as follows:

(1) E-flat sopranino clarinet
(6) B-flat clarinets
(1) E-flat alto clarinet
(1) B-flat bass clarinet
(1) B-flat contrabass clarinet

​An alternate B-flat clarinet is provided as a substitute for the E-flat sopranino, and an alternate bass clarinet part is provided as a substitute for the alto.

The contrabass part is mandatory; no substitution is possible.