Arisen! Christ Is Comforter for SAB Choir with Flexible Quartet and Basso Continuo

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Arisen! Christ Is Comforter
(Surrexit Christus hodie, BuxWV 99)

Music by Dietrich Buxtehude
Lyrics from Latin manuscript I.4/25 from Kloster Engelberg
Arrangement, edition and continuo realization by William J. Bullock

Grade 5
Duration 6:00

This lively cantata is one of comparatively few Easter works from the Baroque era, relative to the many Passion and Christmas works from that era. This edition provides Buxtehude’s Latin text and in places alternative Latin phrases from the source material. The prosodic English translation preserves the stress patterns and rhymes of the original text.

This arrangement provides the option of performing the instrumental quartet parts and bass continuo on a variety of instruments, thus making the piece available to many different ensembles, including string quartet, woodwind quartet, double reed quartet, clarinet quartet, and many other combinations of string and/or woodwind instruments. Each part (except the basso continuo) is provided in various transpositions, permitting performance by ensembles of instruments selected from the following (instruments listed in order of historical appropriateness):

Part 1
C: vln, fl, ob
B-flat: cl, sop sax

Part 2
C: vln, fl, ob
B-flat: cl, sop sax

Part 3
C: vln, vla (treble clef)
F: English horn
B-flat: cl
E-flat: alto cl, alto sax

Part 4 
C: bsn, cello
B-flat: bass cl
E-flat: bari sax 

Continuo Bass Instrument
C: cello, double bass, bsn

Continuo Keyboard
C: organ, harpsichord, piano

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